Kokomo  Havanese breeder in California;  driving distance from Los  Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego  County.   On occasion, we do have  well socilaized puppies available  raised in our home.

Past  – We had researched for a breed that was  close to the poodle maltese  that we had loss at 10 months of age to  congenital heart failure, after  spending thousands in vet bill, the vet  told us that he is a young dog  with a old dog disease.  We were just  devastated after losing him; our  search was for a dog is genetically  healthy and sound.  We  narrowed our search down to the Havanese; the  breed is hypo-allergenic,  happy, and sturdy.

Bailey is our first Havanese, the foundation of our breeding program, and what a treasure he is!!!

Present   – We are located in Sunny Southern California, we enjoy exhibiting our   dogs at AKC dog shows.  Currently we share our home with Bailey and  his  daughters; they are all are great examples of the breed,  temperament and  structure.  They do have their own little antics that  make them ever so  special to us.  All our dogs are updated on their  health testings  appropriate for their age.

Achievements  – I have shown Bailey  myself in the year of 2008, he was ranked in the  country, as an owner  handler and new to the dog world, I am very proud  of my little guy.   Spring of 2010, Bailey gained his Canadian  Championship, so now he is an  International Champion!! So far, Bailey  has sired numerous U.S  Champions, Canadian Champions, and international  European Champion.  He  has several puppies waiting to make their  debuts.  Bailey has proven to  be a valuable contributor to the breed.   Recently in 2011, Bailey won  Best in Show Specialty from the veterans  class, needless to say we are  very proud of our little man.

Philosophy  – With our experience in  the past; health, temperament, and structure  are the core value to any  puppies or dogs.  We are fanciers of the  breed and do not often have  puppies, however, we do make referrals to  breeders who share our  principles.  All puppies are cute, new families  fall in love with the  puppies, it is the job of the breeder to ensure  she or he has done all  they can to produce healthy and sound puppies.

 Kokomo  Havanese breeder in California;  driving distance from Los  Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego  County.   On occasion, we do have  well socialized puppies available  raised in our home.
Animals and CERF.  Our dogs  are registered with American Kennel Club.   We are also honored by AKC  with as a Breeder of Merit.   We have very  stringent standards on  breeding, we do not condone puppy mills;  breeders that overbreeds or  breed dogs for a living.  We welcome any  questions you may have for us  regarding our dogs or the breed, please  use the contact us link above.