Achievements/Awards/Associated clubs

Our pride

We are a small hobby breeder, we have lots to be proud of, below are just a few exhibits of recognition on achievements.  We are also proud members of American Kennel Club and the parent club of Havanese; Havanese Club of America, both clubs adhere to the highest standards in regard to quality of this breed. 

Awarded by Havanese Club of America

Titanium Health Award

We are so proud of Bailey in his Titanium Health Award issued by our parents club.  It is our honor to be in the presence of this incredible kid.  Love you to the moon and back little man!

Awarded by Havanese Club of America


Bailey putting his stamps on his children, we are so proud of all his kids companion or show.  This award of ROMX is so special to us as breeders and owners who believed in Bailey's children and shown them to their championship.  In order to gain a ROMX award, a stud dog must be the sire over 20 AKC champions 

Award by Havanese Club of America

Breeder of Merit

I am super proud of all of our kids and of course it is an honor to show off my kids to the show world.  Honored to receive breeder of Merit award by our parent club for producing 10 AKC champions.

Award by AKC

Breeder of Merit

We are honored to be recognized by AKC as a Breeder of Merit with our small limited breeding program