Southern California Havanese breeder

No Litter plan for 2020, stay safe everyone!!!

Disclaimer - Our puppies are not “cheap”,  we do not believe in quantity, rather we feel to get a quality puppy  with good bloodline and upbringing is worth the extra $$$.  So, if you are on a budget, know that we do not have a budget puppy for you, we do not answer to emails that ask for price, if you have to ask you probably can not afford one of our puppies.  We take pride in what we do and we feel a new family member is  priceless and if you don't feel that way, we do not have a puppy for  you.  If you don't care where your puppies are raised or come from, we  are not the right breeder for you to email, because we will ask  questions and WE will determine and decide if you qualify for one of our  precious baby, regardless if you are able to pay or not. 

We  have been awarded by AKC as Breeder of Merit and member of Havanese  Club America, we adhere to the highest standard of breeding ONLY health  tested parents that are updated.   Our home is located in Los Angeles County, easily accessible from  Orange County, San Diego, and major airports, however we do not ship our  puppies.  The parents of our puppies have completed and passed  extensive health testings. We do require families to visit our babies  and meet us face to face. 

We will only accepting deposit when  we have puppies on the ground as we do not believe to keep money from  people/family in case if they are able to find a family member sooner,  our puppies are in high demands, so it's never about keeping a deposit  from someone, it's about the right fit and the patience one has to wait  for the right puppy.

Enjoy the below photo slide on some of our fur kids.